Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Massachusetts, here we are!!!

Hello to everyone,

Here I am writing again, well we finally move to Massachusetts and we really like it!!!
We are now living in a Hotel for 25 days and I really want to move to my little cozy place, were I can get inspired and start to do my art again, looking foward to getting new/old furniture and start painting. My Husband yesterday met a woman who is from the area, and she gave him some information about local antique flea market that we can go, It is in an old town from 1700's, so nice this lady, but I'm prety sure that my husband say something to her. I been looking for places were I can sell my stuff, like a small store for rent, but I think I'm going to start with flea markets and antiques markets, there are soo many that I'm very exited about all this information that I've been finding in these pass 4 days. I really want to start to do my business. I think we finally find the place, It's in another Old Town, but we are not sure yet.
I love it here, were ever you look It's a tree and it gets dark at night very fast, not too many lights on the street, I think because they like to keep it that way, but really is very nice. Well good luck if you get lost, heeheehee.
Here I left some pictures, enjoy....