Thursday, February 23, 2012

Candle Holder with Box

Hello Friends!
Today I finally finished a project, that I found with my sister some time ago.
I liked how it looked when I found it (very rustic), but something wasn't quite right,  and I really didn't know what to do with it!!!
I  remembered when I used the red poinsettia color for the great dresser, that I all ready sold to a very lovely couple from Boston, Ma, so I said to my husband "I think I will try red again".
Instead of poinsettia I used a
 Red Bay from Benjamin More, it's a little bit more dark but I really like it.
Well here is, hope you enjoy it.

Until Next Time!!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Finest Seating ever...

Hello Dear Friends, I'm back with some great paint and great designs for some chairs that I found on the side of the road, Really!!. I still just don't believe what I found, and the beautiful transformation  it went through.
Well, the history is that my husband and I were driving home very late at night, on a dark back country road, and we passed by an old Victorian house that was having a lot of old stuff on the side of the road, abandoned, waiting to be picked by the Trashman. At that moment I said to my husband "did you see the chairs?", and he tiredly said "What?... What chairs???". I convinced him to stop and turn around, since there was no light (not even the moon)  we had to use the highlights, and as we drove by again, I  yelled "Those Chairs..!!" and he said "What about those chairs?". It was then; very late at night, in front of an old Victorian home, deep in the country, using only our headlights to see what we were grabbing, that I introduced my husband to "Curb Shopping" 

At home I stripped, sanded, gessoed, painted, painted again, and then again, and then added some distress (something that I love to do in furniture) to the chairs. I found some beautiful, multicolored fabric to reupholster the chairs with, that would accent the treatment. Before I knew it, I turned what someone threw out, into very classy and refined furniture.

Until next time and Thank you for stopping by.