Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A little Visit to Boston, part 1.

Hello dear friends...and Welcome back...
Yesterday we went on a little trip to Boston and we visited too many areas.
One was the Cathedral of the Holy Cross, the mother church of the roman catholic archdiocese of Boston, the Cathedral serves a vibrant and diverse community, including English, German and Spanish-speaking congregations.
It was built right after the Civil War (and before Christmas),
on December 8, 1875.
One of the many things that caught my attention was all the different stained glass, I found that it was a collection (New England's largest and earliest stained glass collection) and It was made in Munich, Germany.
My eyes were attracted to the intense colors  of the windows which decorated the stark interior in considerable light. The primary colors of the glass was of blue, purple and complimented with greens, which glowed almost like a kaleidoscope.
As with most Cathedrals the architecture is both grand and very detailed.
I look forward to revisiting come the Holidays.
I will post some of the pictures hope you like it, but really if you come to Boston is something that you can not miss. Bye Bye.....

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Massachusetts, here we are!!!

Hello to everyone,

Here I am writing again, well we finally move to Massachusetts and we really like it!!!
We are now living in a Hotel for 25 days and I really want to move to my little cozy place, were I can get inspired and start to do my art again, looking foward to getting new/old furniture and start painting. My Husband yesterday met a woman who is from the area, and she gave him some information about local antique flea market that we can go, It is in an old town from 1700's, so nice this lady, but I'm prety sure that my husband say something to her. I been looking for places were I can sell my stuff, like a small store for rent, but I think I'm going to start with flea markets and antiques markets, there are soo many that I'm very exited about all this information that I've been finding in these pass 4 days. I really want to start to do my business. I think we finally find the place, It's in another Old Town, but we are not sure yet.
I love it here, were ever you look It's a tree and it gets dark at night very fast, not too many lights on the street, I think because they like to keep it that way, but really is very nice. Well good luck if you get lost, heeheehee.
Here I left some pictures, enjoy....

Thursday, August 11, 2011

More Antiques to show...

Lina's Market

Hey, I have more antiques to show...
This lovely chair I found it with my husband close to his parent house, one hot summer Saturday.
The lady who was making the yard sale want for this 2 chair $75 each, It was to much for us, so my charming handsome husband went and convinced her if she can sell the chairs for $50 total and she say YES, I can do that... so we pay $25 for each chair total of 2.
It's great!!! I'm very happy with our chairs.
The chair was full of dust and they really need a very good clean, so I took furniture polishing and a vacuum and wiped off, after all that, I talked with my brother-in-law for a picture and I think the pictures come up very good. So here is a picture of 1 chair. They still need a little more work, but what a find. I think the women was happy that the chairs are going into a good home similar to when she first bought them, at an estate auction 20 years ago.

Monday, August 8, 2011

1 More Week in Maryland!!

Hello Again!!!
Here I am getting ready to move to Massachusetts. Surprise...
I will miss Maryland, so beautiful all the country view. I will miss Virginia my first home, and Washington Dc, all the history, all the museums and all the monuments, but very happy to move to Ma, especially with all the old, old, old history there. Old houses from the 1700, all the old barns and the beauty of fall and the great beaches, I think I will get inspired with all those new color, but specially with all the Antiques shops, Flea markets, old furniture,lighting, architectural salvage,...I never really know what I might find, but sounds so(picking time)great.
I had all ready pack, all my antiques, all my craft stuff and all my paint, I  already miss my friends, I can't live really with out the brush on my hand. In the past two night I couldn't sleep well, I'm so happy that I want to do more and more craft. Yesterday when my great,
sweet husband and I we was driving from Virginia to Maryland after visiting my sister and her family, we pass by Old Lucketts Store but it was close Whaaaaa, I was thinking to go inside and look the store for the last time, all that amazing collection they have. We was getting close to the store and it is a street light in the corner of the store, the only one after 5 miles driving and I was saying inside me please keep it green so I will not suffer so much, but what was the color "RREDD".
I just saw the outside antiques they had and my brain was screaming I want to go inside whaaaaa!!! I was shopping for long time there and I love it, well there is where I meet Mustard Seed stuff, my sister and her friend know her in person, But not me. But I like all the vintage things they had there, all the artist peoples, all what they do...It's awesome!! , especially all the old furniture and the paint colors.
It's my sister and her friend's fault that I'm doing all of this , they introduced me, because they love old furniture and they restore furniture so well that I get in to it, but not complaints, I like it too. I think painting it's my strong, specially the candles.
Well, I will show a chair, that my husband pick at Lucketts, he is so great, It's the only guy who can handel all of this!!! hehehe. He bought an old Ice cream chair, I didn't have the time to take a picture of the old red color. It was a dark but very dark cherry color and to be honest I never like it. Well I took it to my sister and I sand all the horrible color out, and you will see what I found under that!!!. We only pay 40 dollars,
 but I think It will look great at my craft desk, "I LOVE IT",   See you later!!!
Ice Cream Chair

Ice Cream Chair

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Picking Old funny Stuff

Here is some Old Funny Stuff, that my sister fund it and went to pick up. Some I took  it from me and some still on my sister house. Enjoy the pictures***

*From the heart of the Market*

Well I'm very surprised with my friends, after I made this blog every body just get very happy about it!!!
Next time I will be publish some stuff from the yards sale and from the Flea market.
Some I painted o ready or fixed but some look new.
The Market will be open soon!!! El mercado abrira pronto!!!

Lina's little life!!

     Hello everybody, hope you like my blog, but I really don't know from where start.
I'm from Uruguay (South America), i really think is necessary specify, because most of the peoples tell me what part of Europe is???? I always laughs and say not Europeeee, "South Americaaaa". We are only 3 millions peoples and my country is almost the same size than Washington State but with half of the population.
Well I move to USA, when I was 23, now I'm 29. I'm happily married 3 years ago.
My Husband and I we like to do Yard sale and re-paint old stuff specially old furniture. I love to paint, I did some hand painted Candles and everybody say they come up very good. Well I think for start I did very well I will post some pictures and later I will write i little bit more, see ya.