Tuesday, September 6, 2011

2 Old Chairs at Lina's Market

Well let me show you what I get a couple of months ago.
These 2 great chairs I find at a garage sale and I can't say no to $20 for both.-
The chairs was in a very "no care" condition, and I decide to take it to my sister to ask her about some ideas, her first idea was the upholstery,  they was having a gross stained old old pink color and the wood really needed a very good sand work on it. So my sister did the upholstery and I did the dirty job, what fun!!!!.
The sand work was not too difficult, because the wood was very soft (I don't know what kind of wood) and no need to put to much pressure on the sand paper. Here it is....

After a little hard work and some wax, the Chairs were beginning to look good. They still looked like they needed something more, so I applied varnish and my sister did a great job with the fabric I chose.
So now please enjoy my 2 Walnut Victorian Needlepoint Balloon back chairs!!! See you soon.