Friday, August 3, 2012

One More Miracle!

Another Dresser, Oh My!!!
This week only dresser make over.
This one I found, took me forever...
Three covers of thick, decades old paint, plus wall paper everywhere. I felt like an archeologist painstakingly peeling back the layers of time as to not harm the artifact buried underneath (I know, a little overdramatic).
Finally, with the stripper, I took everything off and left this sweet baby buck naked, I found the beauty of this lovely piece included the glass vintage knobs and the great old vintage wheels. Great and Awesome found!
Well this time I only paint the drawers but I left the top with just a dark wood stain. I choose a light cream color from B.Moore ( great paint), I did a little distress how you will see it in the picture.
Inside burlap covers for each drawer and I choose some dark  hardware for the perfect combination  with the top of the desk.

This piece I really love it!
Hope you like it

Until next time