Thursday, December 8, 2011

Always Light a Candle...

I have to confess, I love Candles. I paint some more new designs for this great holiday season "Christmas", my favorite time of the year. I choose to paint some Snowman's, Santa Claus and a new design that I call the twist, using some gold, red, green and my favorite copper color.
I love Candles I think it is very important and delicate to light a candle , specially at home for Christmas on a dinner table or for decoration. When I light a candle it feels warm and always reminds me of my family and friends wherever they are. It's so nice to have a candle on and it is very decorative, especially I like the  candles on the windows, I see it everywhere now for the Holidays, I wish they were always there, It looks like the old times and it make  the house look so cozy and  looks great for Christmas, like on the Christmas history books the house decorated for Christmas and smell like pine from the tree, fresh baked cookies and of course the unforgettable fire place, well I think you all ready understand that it's my favorite time of the year.

Hope you like my candles and please don't forget to light one and always make a wish!!
Happy Holidays!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Jewelry Box...

One more creation on this fall days, the new Jewelry box, using some beautiful fall colors.


Thursday, November 3, 2011

*Rejuvenate End Table*

Hello dear friends;
Today is Rejuvenation Day!!!, of course only with the colors.
Let me show you what I did with this end table that my husband found not too long ago, in a yard sale.
This end table was in a dark mahogany style, not any more!!!,  Now, it's this wonderful fall color with a little bit of added distress on the top and legs to make it look more sophisticated. 
I think the color was a little bit too glossy in the begging, but after I added the dark ink to make it look "country", It just come up perfect.

Hope you enjoy my new Rejuvenation Day!!
See you next time with more..

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Red Poinsettia Dresser

How soon is now?
Here is one more excellent furniture,
Today my choice of color was for a red passion Red Poinsettia, that my mother in law found it in her basement and gave to me.
The company who created this furniture was Macey-Morris Co.
They were making household & office Furnishing here in Boston, Massachusetts.
This company closed in 1970.
The dresser is made of Oak and I added some polished chrome knobs.
Well hope you enjoy this creation, I really like it and I'm thinking on selling it.
The project begins!!

The Finale!!

See you soon and Happy Halloween!!!

Lina's Market. 

Friday, October 28, 2011

Antique Night Table

I was working for a week in this Antique night table and come up just perfect!!!
Here is the description!!!
Antique Stylish Oak Night Table, painted in Cream color Glazed and Distressed to keep antique look, with original hardware and exposed oak drawer.
Enjoy the Before and After in this wonderful piece.


During the creation process in my art room!!


Until next time
Thank you!!.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

*Home Sweet Home*

Finally,  I can say we are now in our nest!!!! It is wonderful to live in a place that lets you smile when you wake up. SOOOO long, TOOOO long in a hotel (the front desk asked me very polity to stop refinishing their furniture).
After all this time I can go back to writing in my little blog and post all these pictures of all the crafts I been doing and trying to do all this time. Well now, no more excuses about not writing in my blog, I have a home, and I have my work space.
It feels good to say, that we love Massachusetts and we are very happy with the place we have for living, we have a beautiful river running in the back of our home and all these beautiful trees changing the leaves and the wonderful colors we just love it.

Well let's talk about paint and craft and all what I been doing all this time,
I find in a Yard Sale no too long ago, 2 Old tins very, very rustic and rusty and in very bad shape. My husband always laugh at the old beaten up things that I fall for.
After I sand it and start to do the first coat, I can say they start to look much happier. And, despite the rust the metal was still in very good shape. more thing, if anyone is interested they are for sale $25 each one, and I use the Mail Post Office, just E-mail me,
Thank you and See you next time.......

Until next time!!!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Boston, Part 2

Here is the second part of our adventure to Boston city, some more great pictures of great Boston old town.
I was more interested in the old architectural buildings, like the State House, Custom House Tower, The Kings Church, The John's Adams Court House, The Old State House in the middle of the tall buildings, Boston Public Garden with the Swans Boats, The Boston Common with Tall and old old trees, and of course the beautiful Boston Harbor with the New England Aquarium and the Ferry's with out stop and the very old Boats.
We had a very great time, It was a wonderful day, we really enjoy our second adventure walking for hours from the Boston Commons to The Boston Harbor,  it was amazing to see all those buildings all that history that I will learn in the time I will be here. See you soon.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Candle Time!!

Hello again and welcome, i have some more beautiful hand painted candles to show you.
When i paint a candle it takes me around one to two hours to paint them, but it's always fun and relaxing for me, almost like working on a garden.
I made the decision to paint music notes and some contemporary cute trees on these ivory candles.
I can imagine the music note candles placed atop a piano or near some instruments. The Tree candles maybe on a window sill or dinning table or wherever. I think we can all agree that candles are the perfect accessory for almost any room.

My next inspiration was painting some tea candle holders, again using acrylics, but this time i used almost all shiny metallic ones like silver, copper and gold acrylics.
I'm very happy to do this project with paint because i never thought that it would work so well on both wax and glass, but  really, it worked perfectly and i'm looking forward to finding use for acrylics on all types different textures (if any of you have any great suggestions, please, let me know). But, between  you and i, for now i prefer painting on wax, it's very smooth and makes the candles look great.
Well i left here some of the pictures i took after painting.

Until next time...

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

2 Old Chairs at Lina's Market

Well let me show you what I get a couple of months ago.
These 2 great chairs I find at a garage sale and I can't say no to $20 for both.-
The chairs was in a very "no care" condition, and I decide to take it to my sister to ask her about some ideas, her first idea was the upholstery,  they was having a gross stained old old pink color and the wood really needed a very good sand work on it. So my sister did the upholstery and I did the dirty job, what fun!!!!.
The sand work was not too difficult, because the wood was very soft (I don't know what kind of wood) and no need to put to much pressure on the sand paper. Here it is....

After a little hard work and some wax, the Chairs were beginning to look good. They still looked like they needed something more, so I applied varnish and my sister did a great job with the fabric I chose.
So now please enjoy my 2 Walnut Victorian Needlepoint Balloon back chairs!!! See you soon.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A little Visit to Boston, part 1.

Hello dear friends...and Welcome back...
Yesterday we went on a little trip to Boston and we visited too many areas.
One was the Cathedral of the Holy Cross, the mother church of the roman catholic archdiocese of Boston, the Cathedral serves a vibrant and diverse community, including English, German and Spanish-speaking congregations.
It was built right after the Civil War (and before Christmas),
on December 8, 1875.
One of the many things that caught my attention was all the different stained glass, I found that it was a collection (New England's largest and earliest stained glass collection) and It was made in Munich, Germany.
My eyes were attracted to the intense colors  of the windows which decorated the stark interior in considerable light. The primary colors of the glass was of blue, purple and complimented with greens, which glowed almost like a kaleidoscope.
As with most Cathedrals the architecture is both grand and very detailed.
I look forward to revisiting come the Holidays.
I will post some of the pictures hope you like it, but really if you come to Boston is something that you can not miss. Bye Bye.....

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Massachusetts, here we are!!!

Hello to everyone,

Here I am writing again, well we finally move to Massachusetts and we really like it!!!
We are now living in a Hotel for 25 days and I really want to move to my little cozy place, were I can get inspired and start to do my art again, looking foward to getting new/old furniture and start painting. My Husband yesterday met a woman who is from the area, and she gave him some information about local antique flea market that we can go, It is in an old town from 1700's, so nice this lady, but I'm prety sure that my husband say something to her. I been looking for places were I can sell my stuff, like a small store for rent, but I think I'm going to start with flea markets and antiques markets, there are soo many that I'm very exited about all this information that I've been finding in these pass 4 days. I really want to start to do my business. I think we finally find the place, It's in another Old Town, but we are not sure yet.
I love it here, were ever you look It's a tree and it gets dark at night very fast, not too many lights on the street, I think because they like to keep it that way, but really is very nice. Well good luck if you get lost, heeheehee.
Here I left some pictures, enjoy....