Thursday, February 2, 2012

Finest Seating ever...

Hello Dear Friends, I'm back with some great paint and great designs for some chairs that I found on the side of the road, Really!!. I still just don't believe what I found, and the beautiful transformation  it went through.
Well, the history is that my husband and I were driving home very late at night, on a dark back country road, and we passed by an old Victorian house that was having a lot of old stuff on the side of the road, abandoned, waiting to be picked by the Trashman. At that moment I said to my husband "did you see the chairs?", and he tiredly said "What?... What chairs???". I convinced him to stop and turn around, since there was no light (not even the moon)  we had to use the highlights, and as we drove by again, I  yelled "Those Chairs..!!" and he said "What about those chairs?". It was then; very late at night, in front of an old Victorian home, deep in the country, using only our headlights to see what we were grabbing, that I introduced my husband to "Curb Shopping" 

At home I stripped, sanded, gessoed, painted, painted again, and then again, and then added some distress (something that I love to do in furniture) to the chairs. I found some beautiful, multicolored fabric to reupholster the chairs with, that would accent the treatment. Before I knew it, I turned what someone threw out, into very classy and refined furniture.

Until next time and Thank you for stopping by.