Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A little Visit to Boston, part 1.

Hello dear friends...and Welcome back...
Yesterday we went on a little trip to Boston and we visited too many areas.
One was the Cathedral of the Holy Cross, the mother church of the roman catholic archdiocese of Boston, the Cathedral serves a vibrant and diverse community, including English, German and Spanish-speaking congregations.
It was built right after the Civil War (and before Christmas),
on December 8, 1875.
One of the many things that caught my attention was all the different stained glass, I found that it was a collection (New England's largest and earliest stained glass collection) and It was made in Munich, Germany.
My eyes were attracted to the intense colors  of the windows which decorated the stark interior in considerable light. The primary colors of the glass was of blue, purple and complimented with greens, which glowed almost like a kaleidoscope.
As with most Cathedrals the architecture is both grand and very detailed.
I look forward to revisiting come the Holidays.
I will post some of the pictures hope you like it, but really if you come to Boston is something that you can not miss. Bye Bye.....