Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Lina's little life!!

     Hello everybody, hope you like my blog, but I really don't know from where start.
I'm from Uruguay (South America), i really think is necessary specify, because most of the peoples tell me what part of Europe is???? I always laughs and say not Europeeee, "South Americaaaa". We are only 3 millions peoples and my country is almost the same size than Washington State but with half of the population.
Well I move to USA, when I was 23, now I'm 29. I'm happily married 3 years ago.
My Husband and I we like to do Yard sale and re-paint old stuff specially old furniture. I love to paint, I did some hand painted Candles and everybody say they come up very good. Well I think for start I did very well I will post some pictures and later I will write i little bit more, see ya.

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