Thursday, August 11, 2011

More Antiques to show...

Lina's Market

Hey, I have more antiques to show...
This lovely chair I found it with my husband close to his parent house, one hot summer Saturday.
The lady who was making the yard sale want for this 2 chair $75 each, It was to much for us, so my charming handsome husband went and convinced her if she can sell the chairs for $50 total and she say YES, I can do that... so we pay $25 for each chair total of 2.
It's great!!! I'm very happy with our chairs.
The chair was full of dust and they really need a very good clean, so I took furniture polishing and a vacuum and wiped off, after all that, I talked with my brother-in-law for a picture and I think the pictures come up very good. So here is a picture of 1 chair. They still need a little more work, but what a find. I think the women was happy that the chairs are going into a good home similar to when she first bought them, at an estate auction 20 years ago.

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  1. Beautiful chairs! I'm sure you will love Massachusetts. We visited there last year and fell in love with New England. It is all so old and beautiful.
    ~ Julie