Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Candle Time!!

Hello again and welcome, i have some more beautiful hand painted candles to show you.
When i paint a candle it takes me around one to two hours to paint them, but it's always fun and relaxing for me, almost like working on a garden.
I made the decision to paint music notes and some contemporary cute trees on these ivory candles.
I can imagine the music note candles placed atop a piano or near some instruments. The Tree candles maybe on a window sill or dinning table or wherever. I think we can all agree that candles are the perfect accessory for almost any room.

My next inspiration was painting some tea candle holders, again using acrylics, but this time i used almost all shiny metallic ones like silver, copper and gold acrylics.
I'm very happy to do this project with paint because i never thought that it would work so well on both wax and glass, but  really, it worked perfectly and i'm looking forward to finding use for acrylics on all types different textures (if any of you have any great suggestions, please, let me know). But, between  you and i, for now i prefer painting on wax, it's very smooth and makes the candles look great.
Well i left here some of the pictures i took after painting.

Until next time...


  1. Your candles are really lovely, Lina! The music notes make me think of my son. He plays the guitar and is in a band with some friends. I'll bet the glass votives you painted glow so pretty at night when lit. You should link this up to some of the blog parties going on; I'll bet you will get lots of vistiors! : )

  2. Thank you Kathy for your sweet comment. It is a huge compliment to know that my craft brings good thoughts to others. I am still new to the world of blogging (loving it), and have not yet learned how to link to other. I also very much enjoy your blog and I hope your having fun in Ohio!!!.

  3. Here your older sister! I love the candles! I need four candles to put on my antique candle holders the white ones with rossettes, they are very romantic! So I need please your inspiration here! Lets start to paint!